5 Best football channels to follow on Youtube

The Football Republic

This channel is only about one year old but still it is one the ultimate football channels that one should follow to stay updated about happenings of the Football world. They discuss mostly about English Football as almost all of their team members are Englishmen but nevertheless they still cover major news, transfer stories of whole of Europe.

This channel calls up the representatives of fan channels of different football clubs like Chelsea Fans Channel, Full Time Devils, Real Galacticos etc. for Transfer talks, Rumor Raters, Debates etc.

Their Most interesting show is the Game of two Halves in which two representatives of two different fan channels argue over a given set of questions one by one and at last the person who has more points then the other wins the game.

They also make live videos in which they connect with football fans over the world through skype and discuss about a trending topic in football world.

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Man City

 No, I’m not a Manchester City Fan! But i still couldn’t resist myself including the only official football channel of a football club in this list. Manchester City’s official youtube channel is way better than the other official football club channels due to the uniqueness & quality of their content.

Every time i watch any of their video, i wonder why my football club does not make such kind of videos while having all the money with them. 

Their channel is ever active and covers all the things happening inside the club from training to press conferences to interviews of players and staff.

The best thing about their channel is that they connect with their fans in a way that no one else even tries to do. Recently they uploaded a video of a Fake taxi in which Pep Guardiola surprises a young Manchester City fan and than the pair went on to talk about Messi, the weather and winning trophies. This video became a major hit within a span of just 2 weeks after receiving over 2M+ views.

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This channel have a huge fan base having more than 1M+ subscribers. The best thing about their channel is that they talk about the growing leagues like MLS, Chinese super league and many of the league in South American football along with the European leagues which otherwise goes unnoticed among European and Asian Fans of Football.

THE MIXER is their main show which is mostly hosted by Heath pearce, who is a former american footballer and has also represented his country in the world cup. In this show they discuss about the happenings in football world like the other channels do, but what make makes this show standout among the others is the locations they choose to shoot the videos and the quality of the content they present.

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Copa90 is another football channel and a community of football fans with a huge Fan Base and High Quality Content. But the thing that makes them one of the best football channel and community is that they are An invite-only creative community of fans around the world giving a truly global view on football, from the perspective of the people that matter most.

Their Creators are undiscovered filmmakers, artists and storytellers….but most importantly they’re fans, capturing amazing expressions of football culture for Copa90 across six continents.

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We Speak Football

Unlike other channels mentioned on this list We Speak Football is not a football news channel or an official channel of a football club instead this channel is created by an individual football fan to upload amazing football videos of goals, tricks, freestyle etc.

They are the best football channel in the category of football goals tricks, freestyle etc. having more than 600k+ subscribers.

One should definitely follow this channel if one calls himself a true football fan, this channel is not biased towards any one player or a club and they make videos on all players who score great goals and have great skills.

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