Akshay’s excellent performance from behind the wicket along with balling and bating

After all round performance in AC Deb, SN Dubey, proved his metal in Delhi NCR Cricket Tournament as well

Noida.Khelaratna, No., Time, 10:50, PM

The city’s young cricketer, Akshay Dubey, is the first cricketer to be performing well behind the bat, ball and wicket. Talking about AC Ball Memorial, SN Dubey Memorial and NCR Cricket. He is also better at bowling and wicket keeping. In the NCR cricket tournament on Wednesday, he scored a superb innings of 68 runs to give the team a one-sided victory.

Educated at the Cambridge School, he has scored 288 runs in 5 matches of the recently played AC Deb Memorial Cricket Tournament. That is, scores of more than 55 runs in each match. In this tournament he also hunted three batsmen behind the wicket. Wicket taken in bowling also. Similarly, in this SN Dubey Memorial Cricket, this young cricketer has got the attention. Akshay was also the Player of the Tournament along with the best wicket-keeper of this tournament. He scored 149 runs in five matches of the competition. He also took 3 stumps with 4 runs.

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