Bangladesh’s strong start with Prantik’s century

Bangladesh and Afghanistan Under-17 Series

In the second three-day match of Bangladesh and Afghanistan Under-17 Series, Bangladesh had a strong start with the help of Prantik Navroj Nabil’s century. Mohammed Tahasin also played a solid innings of 84 runs in the match at the Greater Noida Sports Complex, on Sunday. Parvez Hausanne had scored 83 runs at the crease. Bangladesh can declare innings after lunch on Monday. In such a situation, Afghanistan may have to chase big scores.

Bangladesh started the innings by Prantik Navroj and Faiz Habib. The score was just 54 on board. Faiz Habib was caught by Naveed Ahmed at the hands of Aslam Khan. Mohammed Tahasin shared a good partnership of 197 with Prantik . Navroj Shahidullah was dismissed on 251 before he played a good innings for the team. The third wicket of the team dropped to Mohammed Tahasin on 362 runs. He played 84 innings, Parvez 83 and Amite Hassan 30, behind the crease after the first day’s play was over. Shahidullah was the most successful bowler from Afghanistan. They hit two important wickets in Bangladesh. The first match of this series was a draw.

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