Deepakshi’s love affair with Basketball

Today on “People who play” we present you an interview with Deepakshi Sharma. She enjoys playing basketball and excitement  can be seen as she describes her journey on a 15 meters court.

Deepakshi’s description about her favorite game


“Exhilarant!! Thrilling!! Blood-pumping!! Challenging!! Life Changing!!”IMG_0805

“These are a few words that best describe basketball. For me, it was never a mere game, but a cathartic experiment that transformed my life.”

How she started playing basketball

“I was 11 when I started playing Basketball. I was in school and my house team was one player short. My friend pleaded me to join the team and I grudgingly agreed.”


“I was never really interested in the game until I held the ball for the very first time during my first team practice. Catch. Dribble. Shoot. Score! And I fell in love.”

“I felt free and light like I was leaving all my troubles behind.  Since then no matter how rough a day I was having I felt unruffled and lively when I was on the court. I never really had trouble learning the rules, it felt natural and instinctive.”

How Basketball helped her in growing as a person

“Basketball helped me break out of my shell of insecurities and become a more confident person. I learned to never give up and fight hard for my goals. It taught me that no matter how many times you miss, slip, fall, scratch or bleed; you get up and keep running.”

“The best thing I found while playing is that regardless of how hard you try, how many hours you put in, they will never be enough as in basketball there is always a scope to learn more.”

“Its erraticism and uncertainty make it in numerous ways very similar to life which is as unpredictable and demands our constant energy and focus. And this is what I love the most about it.”

What makes her better

“I have won and lost many matches, but the match I enjoy the most is the one that challenges my tenacity, that pushes the boundaries of my comfort zone and drives me to work harder.”

“The match where the opposite team is as strong as you are or maybe stronger is the match where you get to show off your skills, put in all you have ,use every last ounce of your energy and charge.”

“These matches reveal your strengths and weaknesses and make you impervious, no matter what the result is, no matter you win or lose they make you stronger. This is the best lesson I learned from basketball and implemented in my life.”

Deepakshi’s message

“Life will throw at you many curves and mountains, but all you have to do is give your best, muster all your strength and go. And even if you don’t reach your “top” you make sure to enjoy the climb.”


Team Why Do We Play wishes Deepakshi Sharma all the best for the future and keep inspiring other girls around. Because Women in Sports is what our country needs. It not only helps our sports fraternity but also brings out the best of all the women in the country and show the world they are not any behind men.

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