Delhi Audit defeats airport authority with the help of four goals of O’Baid

Delhi Audit’s victory

Delhi Audit, NCT Delhi, and FCI won a spectacular win in the A and Senior Division bouts of the Delhi International Football League. Striker O’Baid played an important role in the Delhi Audit’s victory. He scored four goals for the team. Apart from this, other teams also won unilateral wins on the rival teams.

O’Baid did four rounds before the interval.

Delhi Audit defeated the airport 4-0 in the matches played on March 17 at Ambedkar Stadium. O’Baid did four rounds before the interval. He scored brilliant goals in the 6th, 17th, 18th and 39th minutes. Delhi NCT beat Air India 3-0. For the team Harish scored two goals and Ram Singh scored one goal. FCI beat AIIMS 5-0 in a one-sided match. Central Secretariat played Goalless Draw from ESIC. So far many contests have been played in the competition so far. On the basis of points in the league the teams will go forward.

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