Divya Kakran displayed the world by overcoming the tangle

Divya Kakran from Noida College of Physical Education won a bronze medal in wrestling in Commonwealth Games.

In the recently held Commonwealth Games wrestling, Divya Kakran, a student of Noida College of Physical Education, bagged the bronze medal in 68 kilo-weight category. A victory bagged by a fall against Bangladesh’s Sherin Sultana. She showed her talent to the whole world along with this achievement. In spite of spending childhood in the tragedy, she did not give up in the uncomfortable circumstances. The victory of this medal depicts the story of his confidence and hard work.


Divya represented the country in 68 kilo-weight class of the competition played in Australia’s Gold Coast.

Divya played four matches in the 68 kilo-weight group. In this, she won two and lost in two. She ended up securing the position along with the bronze medal. Listening to his victory, his father and his entire family are celebrating. Father Surajsan went to his friends and relatives on Friday to share the sweets.

Her father Suraj Sen along with his wife and son stay in a rented house in Gokalpur of Shahdara, Delhi. Originally Divya’s father, a resident of Purbaliyan village in Muzaffarnagar, western Uttar Pradesh, was a laborer in sugar mile. The family use to face major scarcity of nutrition. Due to which, Divya’s father came to Delhi almost 20 years ago.

Divya remains mostly in practice camp. In such a situation, the family does not have to bear her expenses. Divya’s hard work is continuously getting better results. In this way, the financial condition of the family is getting better.

Noida College of Physical Education Chairman, Mr. Sushil Rajput stated that, ‘Divya has won bronze medals while performing in the Commonwealth Games. This is a great achievement for college. On returning to India, he will be honored.’

We wish all the very best to Divya Kakran for her career ahead.

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