Kartik Makes Ju Jitsu Record, Country’s First Medal

Player of the city won the Silver in the Parva Navajo Tournament of the World Ju Jitsu Championship

Kartik Verma of the city has established the name of Noida on the world stage. This player has created history by winning the silver medal in the World Ju Jitsu Championship. He has become the first Indian player to get a medal in any international competition in this game. In the competition ended in Abu Dhabi on 5th March, this player achieved this feat in the Parva Navajo tournament. In view of his superior performance in the World Championship, the State Ju Jitsu Union has announced to honor him.

Karthik has been associated with the sport for six years

From birth, silent Deaf Kartik proved his worth while competing in the competition. It was also a strong contender for the gold medal, but in tough competition, he had to face defeat to the Iranian player. This player of Sector-19 first trained in karate. After this he tried his hand at Taekwondo. After the two games left, he jumped into Ju Jitsu. Due to being a part of martial arts, Kartik did not have much difficulty in adopting the technique of this game.

Kartik’s father, Ashish Verma, told that Kartik has honored us by performing a magnificent performance in the world championship. In the future, the country will definitely give the son medal. State Ju Jitsu Union President Amit Gupta and Secretary Amit Arora appreciated Kartik’s performance and said that the country got the first medal in this game. In India, the expansion of this game will be necessary. This game should be included in national sports and other competitions.

Ju Jitsu is a part of Asian Games

Ju Jitsu has also been included in Asian Games to be played in Indonesia. This game has been included in Commonwealth Games too. Preparations are underway for the Olympics. It can also be included in national sports, school sports, etc. This decision can be taken based on the performance of the players.

This game is a form of Martial Arts

Martial arts-related karate, judo, etc. are similar to Ju Jitsu. There are two competitions in this. The players participate in the Combat and Nevada tournaments. After falling to the ground in the Nevaj, the rival defense techniques have to be told different techniques. According to this, the players are given points. Kartik has won silver medal in the Navajo Games.

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