After all the humdrum that has been surrounding the recently concluded COPA AMERICA 2016 where Chile were once again declared eventual winners, after 120 minutes failed to provide us viewers with an eminent winner, prevailing over Argentina in a tense penalty shootout. Where all the World waited for the best player of our times to turn up with the goods this time after failing to guide his Country beyond the finishing line in the last Two world tournaments, Lionel Messi had provided a virtuoso performance until the Final.


Singlehandedly dragging his country past Countries like Panama and the USA. His free kick against the US was the subject to AWE among worldwide football circles.

As fate would have it Argentina faced familiar rivals Chile in a Déjà vu of last year’s Copa Final. Chile were reduced to 10 men after Diaz’s second yellow while Argentina followed suit with Marcus Rojo getting himself sent off.

Messi first for Argentina: It is missed!
Francisco Silva for Chile and scored into the corner! Chile wins Copa America!! and Messi quits

This had a serious impact on Messi who was tearful during the entire post match Presentation which saw Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez being crowned Player Of The Tournament in what was yet another terrific year for The Arsenal winger.

It was after the tournament was successfully over that MESSI dropped his bombshell. He would be retiring from International football at the relatively young age of 29, which would mean him missing the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The World footballing fraternity is in pain with by the loss of such a Genius.


Some were quick to draw comparisons with the Legendary Diego Maradona and how Messi had bowed down to failure even after having the better set of teammates. Players and Managers alike had their say on what was considered a shock exit. Messi’s teammates were although quick to refute claims of the superstars eminent retirement saying It was a momentary reaction and surely their beloved Captain would soon return to The AFA.

Argentine-based newspaper daily ‘La Nation’ had quoted the Star saying that he “will come back” despite him seemingly retiring from the national team in the wake of the aftermath of the Copa result. Other reports aren’t so sure.

Even the Kevin Durant sweepstakes haven’t had as much of the mess the Barcelona forward has had to deal with. He has been implored by his President, Politicians, Teammates and even the Flight information screens to stay the course with Argentina.

Will he or won’t he, it remains a Mystery.

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