Nishant Kaamra- Sri Venkateswara college (Delhi University) Basketball Captain


Today on PEOPLE WHO PLAY, we got a fantastic opportunity to talk to Nishant Kaamra, the captain of Sri Ventateshwara College (Delhi University) basketball team.
This young lad has a spark of energy in his eyes when he is on court and you dare not under estimate him!

With an exclusive interview with Lakshay Yadav, he told us, “The most wonderful thing that happened to me is BASKETBALL. I was always into sports. When i was a kid only thing that fascinated me was outdoor sports.



I was fourteen when I began my journey as a basketball player. Basketball taught me how 5 people can play as one. Other than teamwork,the game made me stronger both physically and mentally.

He continued, “I stand 5’11 inches tall. But when I started playing basketball I was just 5 feet tall because of which people used to underestimate me. So it was my height that motivated me . I will give most of the credit to my parents and coaches for supporting me throughout. I feel lucky that I played under such great coaches both at school and college level.


Like half of the Indian ballers I am a LA LAKERS and KOBE BRYANT fan.

I cherish every moment of my life spent on the basketball court but the most memorable moment was leading my school team to CBSE nationals after a long time.



I have represented my state at national level twice and currently representing my college team at university level as well as I am the captain Sri Venkateswara college’s (VENKY) basketball team



He ended the interview with a wonderful quote:

“Wins and losses come a dime a dozen.But effort? Nobody can judge that. Because effort is between you and you”


TEAM WHY DO WE PLAY was excited to meet this talented Basketball player. He is surely an inspiration for kids who are just starting to play Basketball and think that size matter. Sometimes, your speed can beat you size. We wish Nishant all the best for his future aims and aspirations and we really hope that he continues to spread his love for the game!

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