Have you ever wondered, Why Do you Travel?

Let the deprogramming begin.

Ever spent hours at the railway station?
Ever stood at the door of a train at 1 in the night all by yourself, watching cities cross by, witnessing a transition of all things worldly. There have been so many instances, when I haven’t bothered to click a photograph instead exchanged that moment with my virtual shutter, and every time I revisit those places via some strangled paths in my head, the memory becomes as fresh as new.
How wide a lens could you ever possibly possess to capture the boundless horizon. Amidst the complexities of the urban jungles, we’ve programmed ourselves so well to run by instruction, that travelling is the only source to forget the rule-catalog handed over to us by ourselves.
Treading paths of uncertainties, swimming through a galore of mishaps we find ourselves struggling to swim ashore, we find our true self, sitting somewhere right in the middle of such situations looking at us, telling us to come grab it through the travel we thought was just a mere weekend off.
Hah! Only if we realized the power of tiny moments to completely transform our lives.There isn’t any better way to discover the world, rediscover yourself, and then re-re discover the world. Set out on the road to travel,enchanting experiences blow your freaking minds, and leaving you craving for more. Every trip gives an amalgamation of what you’d call memories to last a lifetime and lessons to carve you into what you are. Once you trek you’ll realize,that height doesn’t make the mountain, you give it that power to overpower, and once you catch a glimpse of the sunrise from that very top, you’ll never be afraid of heights.


You exchange parts of yourself with every new place you go to, and the effect that it has is absolutely astounding. The very thrill of sitting under a shed sipping tea, watching it rain, with absolutely no clue where to head on is chilling along with being filled with extreme enthusiasm. Unaware of any language, and strolling the paths blending yourself with the architecture, making yourself a character of the past. The world is your oyster  in literal terms.
The longing for Paradise is man’s longing to no longer be a man,however wanting to be a man,right here, and creating a paradise out of whatever that is left of the strained and stained world that we call ours is what travelling does to you.Becoming a nomad, lost in the world’s hue and cry, trying to sing your own song, how ironical is it, that the maximum amount of madness would be found in the wanderlust struck No-mads.
So what are you waiting for? This is why you travel, let the deprogramming begin.

Post Author: Sparsh Tyagi

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