PEOPLE WHO PLAY-Parvesh Bhatia: Basketball was his way out for every problem which life threw at him.

Today on PEOPLE WHO PLAY we have Parvesh Bhatia who says that Basketball was his way out for every problem which life threw at him.


“I started playing Basketball when I was in 7th standard . I had a cousin Brother who played from Punjab at that time , so I started follow him but it wasn’t easy as it looks. At that time my school basketball team was great but didn’t get the chance to play in the team. So, Finally after working hard and learning the basics of Basketball i was Selected in School Team. I played for AKSIPS, Chandigarh but never got a chance to play in many tournaments. Trust me,have never been good at the whole school thing. I am not an amazing A+ student.”

“When things aren’t going right I always have basketball to motivate me. When i was in 10th standard I decided to leave basketball forever as it doesn’t have any future in my life and final boards exams were near. But as you know, when you work hard for something you will surely get the result.



“So was playing my last tournament before my boards exam and the score was equal. Suddenly I got the ball and go for a layup and basket was count. We got the lead and a free throw , that was my first free throw of my life . So, holding the ball in my hands, sweat pouring off my forehead into my eyes, I stare confidently at the hoop, ready to shoot my first free throw. My teammates are lined up behind me at the half court line yelling words of encouragement. I shoot my first shot and the ball flies through the air. After what seems like centuries, it sinks in the rim with a loud swoosh as my teammates rush up to me, high-fiving and slapping me on the back as we won the match.”



“Exams were finally over but I got a news that my father got a contract and we will be moving to Faridabad. It was a new Place for me and my family but i was so excited going in a new school and a new basketball team. So I took admission in DAV Public School , Faridabad. First Day i was so excited to see the basketball court of my school and the team but unfortunately there was no Basketball Court and team. When I get to know that, I was sad and not feeling great.


“So , i made new friends and luckily in my class I found 2 students who used play basketball. I thought to make a school team and ask the management to give permission to play in school tournaments.
We were group of 6 friends who started practise in morning and then we used to go to school. The day came when we were going to play our first basketball tournament of our school. I was selected as a Captain of the team. It was a great feeling and luckily it was on my birthday i.e. 8 oct.  So we won all the league matches and I was the highest scorer of the team. I was in high spirits but the next day lost in semi finals , it was a sad feeling but our team played well.”

Got many opportunities to play for clubs and won many 3 point shooting competition. After School , it was time to get admission in college or university .
My grades were not so great but I got admission in DITMR College and opted for C.S.E. My school friends which was my team all took admission in same college . So we won many matches and grabbed
2nd position in AMITY University
3rd in IIT DELHI and many more.



Basketball was became a part of my life . When things aren’t going right I always have basketball to motivate me. When Everything was going good I faced some financial problem at my home. So alongwith going to college in morning I started working in McDonalds as Crew Member . It was a biggest turn of my life where I had to sacrifice my dreams for my family and no time for my basketball .Then moving further I started working in MNC Company. International BPO timing were so bad that i couldn’t even take out time for myself. Working from 2am-11am and reach home around 2pm . Slowly and slowly my life was becoming hell and I didn’t even play any basketball tournament last 1 year as I was off practise. I Finally decided to start again in a new way as things were not so going good. I started going to play again and thats really motivates me as a player on and off the court.


It was my passion to play and achieve something in my life but while studying and working it was not possible but basketball gave that reason to face all the problems and do good in every stage . Basketball taught me a lot of things in my life , still today i take time to play everyday . I havn’t Achieved in basketball as much as other players have, but playing with passion is what matters a lot to me. As I go on a flashback of the years I have put into this game, I can’t help but still wonder where I would be without it. I have learned so much about life, relationships, and hardships through this experience. With the help of basketball I am able to be a good leader, can work through adversity, and am a competitor through any obstacles I am forced to face.

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