SPARSH JOSHI- A boy with a “TOUCH” of Magic in his Cricket!


If you grew up in India and spent most of your childhood outdoors, then I am pretty sure that you must’ve thought about becoming a Cricketer at some point of our life. To be honest, we all did. Born and brought up in an era where we saw Sachin Tendulkar and the Indian Cricket Team dominate International Cricket, we all wanted to blast it like the Master Blaster.

Sparsh Joshi, a very talented 16 year old boy from Billabong International High School, Noida grew up with the same dream. What makes him different from all of us is the fact that he work really hard for his dream. Unlike most of us, he realised his talent for Cricket and took it to the next level while we were stuck with tutions and studies and restricted our dreams.



In PEOPLE WHO PLAY, today we bring you the story of SPARSH JOSHI. He aspires to see himself in blue Indian Cricket Team jersey and wants to make his nation proud at International Level.

With an interview with us, he told us:

I started playing cricket when I was just 8 years old. My father enrolled me in a cricket coaching academy soo that i can invest my time in playing rather than roaming around and wasting my time. Initially i took cricket just as a hobby. I liked playing cricket but I never realised that I can take it professionally as i was very young. With time and consistent good performance, I realised that I was different from the kids of my age and I was better than them.”


This hobby then turned into passion as I was lucky enough to find friends who are equally passionate about the game.




Sparsh added, “ With time and consistent hard-work, my love for the game kept on growing. Under the right guidance and amazing support from my parents, I knew what I came for in this world. It became more clear about what i wanted to achieve in my life.



When we asked him about his idol in cricket, we got an answer which would surprise many Indians. He told us, “I love JOE ROOT. He is an exciting cricketer and you can see it in his eyes that he is very passionate about it.”

After this answer, we were curious to know about his favorite Indian Cricketer and we were surprised again. Instead of naming Virat Kohli , Sachin Tendulkar or M.S. Dhoni, he told us “Amongst Indian cricketers, I would go with RAHANE because of his skillful techniques.”


He answered us with a lot of passion that, “I just dont want to play for India for the sake of it. I want to work hard and make everyone proud of me. I want to be someone who not only loves the game, but is a team man and dedicates his everything to make his country win.


SPARSH has many achievements under his belt. The aim of team WHY DO WE PLAY  is not to tell you about his glorious achievements, our aim is to bring story of our everyday heros to everyone. Sometimes we know about them, but we often tend to ignore about the struggle they go through in their life to reach ultimate level. There is nothing like overnight success, there is a lot of hard work, sacrifices and struggle behind that.

Team WHY DO WE PLAY wishes SPARSH JOSHI all the very best for his future and we wish to see him soon in blue jersey and make all of us proud!

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