PEOPLE WHO PLAY: The inspiring story of SRCC’s star, Suryansh Sharma

Today on PEOPLE WHO PLAY, we got the chance to talk to SURYANSH SHARMA, the captain of SRCC’s Basketball team.

Jersey Number 9, SRCC College

He told us his inspiring story on how Sports and basketball changed his life and made him a Man.


From the starting, I was blessed with a good height and lot of energy. All I required was a proper utilization of it. My school was always famous for it’s basketball team. When I was small I used to watch my seniors playing and always admired to play basketball but never got a chance to play. I remember always trying for under the ring shots during my games period and trust me counting that basket at that time gave me intense satisfaction. Finally I saw many inter school competitions which used to take place in my school and one day decided to go with my elder brother and play with his friends who all were in team and represented our school.”

“I was always the last pick and my duty was only to collect those balls which go out of the court. Daily same thing happened and I decided that I will play some other game. When I was in 8th class I started going to my school for evening practices. I started with volleyball and got a keen interest in it. But one day during a summer camp in our own school, a sir came and asked me to join basketball. For me at that time changing my game was not a big problem because that fire to play this was still there in me.



” LAKHAN Sir(who asked me to join basketball) started teaching me and I slowly gradually improved my game. When I reached 9th class I was part of my team and 6 feet tall. I was post player for my team but my game was okayish.So i decided to improve my game and started practicing a lot. My height all of a sudden increased and I was 6″3 in my 10th class.”

“At that time ICSE board conducted its first zonals and I was leading my school team as a captain of my team. Under my captaincy we won that zonal tournament. Then we went to play the ICSE state championship where we were runners up. Due to some politics my name was not there in the national list which made me upset and increased my thirst to learn this game more. I was so much into this game that I forgot about my studies and started bunking my classes which resulted in a bad board result.”


“My parents strictly asked me leave this game and start studying. I was disappointed. I cried a lot but the fact “padh kr hi addmission hota hai khelna is useless” was proved when my sports certificate were unstappled from every school form where I applied for. All schools are concerned about our grades. At last I got admission in DPS-G and promised not to play and concentrate on studies to get good grades! I kept watching students playing but never went back on court.”

“One day our dates for inter house competition came and Kaveri house which was my house had never won inter house from past 10 years. The head incharge of my house asked me to make a team and play but I refused and told her everything. She promised me that she will take care of everything and planned all our house matches during school hours only. I secretly got my kit and played inter house and the result was a record. My house won the championship and at that time I decided to talk to my parents and requested them to allow me to join my game back.”


“My mom dad understood the fact that I can’t live without playing Basketball so they got me a new pair of shoes and asked me to play. And from next day itself my journey for basketball begun. I became the captain of my school team and our eyes was on to win CBSE cluster for which me and my team required a lot of hard work. We asked our school to take our exams before so that we can practice but our school didn’t show any support because of which I decided to change my school and go to NWS (Nehru World School)”


“In this school, the same person who taught me basketball in starting was the coach. My parents supported my decision and I changed my school. Under Lakhan sir I trained hard or we can say he made me train so hard that my game got wings in it and I was unstoppable. That year we came 3rd in CBSE cluster. So still that hunger to win this cluster made me and my team work more hard. 2012 was a year of surprises fr me. In may the district association Of Ghaziabad conducted a championship and we guys won it. We got a chance to represent our district in open state championship. There we were amongst top 8 teams in UP. I got selected fr open national and it was my first open national. After that i played 4 more national in that year.

  1. Cbse national. 2. Sgfi national 3. Netball national 4. Handball national.
    With all these achievements I also made an highest score of my till now in 12th class which were 55 points in semi finals of cbse cluster against Dharam School. But the bad part of good things was it had to end and came the burden of studies. But till now my sports gave my so much practical knowledge that i was ready to face it and decided to study with full efforts and the result was amazing. I scored 90.5% in my 12th which was a shock to many people.”


“Now my target was to get into a good college and bring more glory to my game. Getting admission through studies was impossible. My dream was to get into SRCC the Asia’s best commerce college. I went for the trials for all the D.U. Colleges and amongst thousands of competitors I got shortlisted for SRCC through sports quota. Probably after 8yrs I was the only basketballer to get selected in North campus from Ghaziabad.”


“My initial years were full of ups and downs. I was not given much chance to play as “Senior-Junior” played a big role and I was always given the bench. My SRCC team hardly won any match. We even lost first match of Inter-College which was a big shame. I promised myself to win inter college and will lead my team to this glory. D.U. is full of competition and we have outstanding players in the university playing against each other. It’s never easy to win against them.”


“Next year the first thing i did i.e in my 2nd yr, that I welcomed my juniors. And got a very good bonding with them. I tried to make off court efforts that was all about group bonding team building etc. because of which our on court game also improved. With my all new team we all worked together and gave a wonderful performance. But were not able to win any tournament. In my 3rd yr I decided to do something for my team and made a strategy to win. For that all my team required was more practice matches. So I decided to host a tournament. With the help and contribution of our alumni and college, Fortunately that tournament became the DELHI university’s biggest tournament. (SRCC invitational) We were runners up.”

“Losing infront of the college crowd made us mad and we all gave everything to basketball. After the tournament i was declared the CAPTAIN of the college team. With high zeal of my team along with my management we got our first win at Bits Pilani. By defeating Hansraj college in finals. But our huger was not finished my teams eye was on inter college championship which is most prestigious tournament fr every university. And on 27th October when it was my birthday, the tournament started so I had a great instinct this time for sure we are going to win.”

“10 days of this tournament where 73 college participated SRCC emerged as winner I remember our score was 98-89 against KMC which was a very high scoring match. After 25yrs SRCC won inter college and I was the captain so it was a big moment of joy for me. But it would have not been accomplished without my alumni and college team.”


His Achievements

1) D.U. Captain.

2) All India university participant.

3) Inter college champion.

4) D.U. Team runners up in north zone.

5) Vice President SRCC college.

6) 80% marks in graduation.

Player I love the most or dream of to be- Lakhan sir. No one is better than him.

Special thanks in all these achievements Mom, Dad, Jyoti mam (smcs), Lakhan sir, My elder brother, My teammates, My best friend Sahiba Maan for always being there. My grandparents. Team WHY DO WE PLAY and Lakshay Yadav for this interview.
At last god.

TEAM WHY DO WE PLAY wishes Suryansh a wonderful journey ahead. We hope his journey will motivate the young generation to step up and fight against all odds to make their dreams come true!

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