A Trip to the mountains of ARUNACHAL PRADESH- Travel to Tawang



When people ask me why you choose mountains over all other attractions, I say green is the colour which brings me both green & blue.

Well, travelling around the globe or exploring your own small city or town is one & the same. The comparative factor is only your interest & quantity of the interest you put in. Travelling makes us learners & observers. And then of course every place has a story and that is how it has come to be the way it has. So u travel and explore. You travel, you discover yourself, develop a sense of freedom and independence, new hobbies, a better way to communicate and finally it’s important to make memories which makes life more meaningful.

To TRAVEL just isn’t leaving you enthusiastic but also provides one with peace. A holiday or a break from your everyday routine needs a good destination and if you’re seeking to step into a world of extraordinary beauty & discover experiences found nowhere on earth, ARUNACHAL PRADESH is the place for you.


Arunachal Pradesh is a land of the dawn-lit mountains; it’s a wonderful holiday gateway, a home to verdurous valleys, and unprecedented aestheticism. Apart from its scenic beauty, it has a tranquil environment and salubrious weather that adds to its serenity. Gushing waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, and green mountain tops enhance the unmatched allure of the place. The most exciting part of this destination is, purely virgin & undamaged.

So now you know why I travel mountain, “the green-blue factor” AND then I am brought up surrounded mountains!

I belong to this very beautiful and untouched end region of the north-eastern Himalayas, which shares its international boundary with china to its extreme east. Growing up with these valleys and

greenery has put much of life on me. Previously, I didn’t realise that I’m around such beauty but time makes you learn & earn everything.

Now I want you to know why it is actually different from other hills stations or mountains. The answer is briefly explained with one of the most beautiful place in Arunachal.


TAWANG: A place of monasteries, discipline and cleanliness. This place holds you tight with its unparalleled beauty and nature imparted in every inch of the land. The beauty takes over your mind, heart, soul and surrounding. The positivity is in the air with the sounds of holly bells. Situated 10000ft height above sea level surrounded by lakes, rivers and waterfalls, it differs itself from other place. Tawang here by come up with few places, which one must not miss on the tour to tawang.

Sela pass: If you are not scared to heights, this place is perfect to challenge yourself. It owns the credit of being the only high-altitude mountain pass in the world that is motor able. If you venture to this place in winter, you could have a stunning view of snow-clad sela pass. The serene crystal blue water of Sela Lake surrounded by prayer flags is simply breath-taking.

Well summer or winter your visit will be worthy to know why it is rightly called as “Heaven on earth”.

So if you want to challenge & check what makes it ‘the one’, you sure need to visit TAWANG.


TAWANG MONASTERY: You don’t find holy monasteries everywhere which brings you immense peace, and then every monastery isn’t Asia’s second largest monastery, India’s largest which controls 17 Gompa’s in the region. The highlights of this monastery are the imposing three-storied assembly hall, an impressive collection of ancient books and manuscripts, a 28ft high golden statue of Lord Buddha. The famous Buddhist gold inscribed scriptures KANGYUR and TANGYUR are preserved here.

So if one is enough interested to get into adventure as well as capture some world famous monuments and history, pay a visit here. And as a matter fact, unlike other holy places the golden statue of Lord Buddha won’t ask you to pay but leave you with peace.

What’s more??

Well do you get to eat traditional high calorized healthy MONPA food everywhere? A big no isn’t it? It is basically based on yak milk, soya bean, buckwheat, maize, barley, chilli, and various indigenous vegetables and fruits. It’s a complete vegetarian balanced diet, so you don’t lose your diet here and get a break from parantha’s and biryan’is. There are other attractions to be ink down, having their own story and beauty, namely JASWANT GARH, NURANNANG WATERFALLS, SHONGA-TSER LAKE, TAKTSANG GOMPA, GORICHEN PEAK, BUMLA PASS (indo-china border), BAP TENG WATERFALLS(100ft), EAGLE NEST WILDLIFE SANCTUARY, HANDICRAFTS CENTRE, URGYELLING MONASTERY.


If you’re tired of trekking’s whole day long, an evening is good to have a glimpse of the colourful culture. Tawang is simply a best place for nature lovers to explore much more and those

who are adventurous to challenge adventure at its best. Place to travel. Travel and explore.

Well it just doesn’t end here, there’s lot to explore the paradise on the earth called Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh.


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